PhD students

Beatrix Muhlmann (University of Amsterdam)

I am currently a PhD student in the String Theory group at UvA, co-supervised by Alejandra Castro and Erik Verlinde. My research focuses on quantum gravity and mathematical apsects of theoretical physics.
I was born in Southtirol, the german speaking part of Italy. My undergraduate studies I completed at ETH, the subject of my thesis, which was supervised by Christoph Keller, was the Spectrum of Permutation Orbifolds.

Ceyda Simsek (University of Groningen)

Ceyda Simsek is a PhD student at the University of Groningen. In 2015, she received her MSc from Bogazici University (Turkey). Her master thesis, supervised by Dieter Van Den Bleeken, is on asymptotic symmetries and its applications. Her most recent research interest is related to Newton-Cartan geometry and non-relativistic holography.

Eric Marcus (Utrecht University)

Eric Marcus completed his bachelor studies at Utrecht University. His thesis, ‘Magnetohydrodynamics at heavy ion collisions’, was supervised by Umut Gürsoy. The thesis received several awards including prizes awarded by the FYSICA conference and the Student Research Conference. His master project, ‘The SYK model and Holography’ was supervised by Stefan Vandoren, also at Utrecht University. Currently he is a PhD candidate in Utrecht supervised by both Umut Gürsoy and Stefan Vandoren, focusing on black holes, information and string theory.

Vladimir Ohanesjan (Leiden University)

I am a PhD student at the Institute-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics, Leiden University in the group of Koenraad Schalm and Jan Zaanen. My interests range from quantum gravity, particle physics, strongly interacting systems and condensed matter to AI. My goal during the PhD is to better understand the nature of space, time and the dynamics of strongly entangled quantum systems, using quantum information theory and holography.

I was born in R. Macedonia where I also completed my bachelor’s studies. I’ve obtained a joint MSc degree from École polytechnique Paris and ETH Zürich. During my master studies I worked on theoretical and experimental particle physics and my thesis was on bootstrapping of meromorphic CFTs, supervised by Christoph Keller.