The aim of this program is to demonstrate that space-time and gravity are emergent phenomena, which originate from the collective behavior of underlying quantum degrees of freedom.

We will map out how quantum information theory provides an organizing framework governing the emergence of space-time. This revolutionary idea about the fundamental nature of gravity has its roots in earlier work on string theory and black hole physics, and specifically relies on theoretical results obtained within the context of holography and the AdS/CFT correspondence. However, the physical implications go further than these specific situations. In particular, the emergent nature of space-time may have profound consequences for unsolved problems in black holes and open questions in cosmology at scales where dark energy and dark matter play a role.

We thus propose to investigate the following question of fundamental importance:

Is gravity emergent from quantum information and, if so, what are the physical and observable consequences?

This central question has in recent years moved to the forefront of theoretical physics and internationally has become one of most actively studied directions of research in this area. There is growing evidence that the answer to the first part of the question `Is gravity emergent?’ is yes!